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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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today on the now, hulk hogan on the stand talking about his character in wrestling and the price that comes with same.>> one time i was eating dinner and some guy got between my wife and i for my autograph.>> house game could work for and against a minute sex tape trail. -- in his sex tape trail. one of the most dangerous things you do behind the wheel can increase your chance of the crash 10 times. in times of life or death, seconds
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punish someone for doing the right thing. >> the decision that has a couple of firefighters on suspension. it's 4:00. the now tampa bay's on. we start with breaking news right now. maria sherapova admitting she failed a drug test. in la this afternoon, she said she was told several days ago she had failed that drug test from l doa, a drug she has been taking for 10 years but was put on the banned substance list earlier this year. the 28-year-old saying in the press conference an hour ago, i don't want to end my career this way and i really hope i will be given another chance to play this game.>> we will have more on that in a moment. terry malay a, better known as hulk hogan, live on the stand
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let's listen in.>> there enough. -- fair enough. i take it as you sit here now, you don't have, that particular interview does not stand out?>> no, sir, it doesn't.>> tim, if you could play a clip. >> my mom says i am a catch. i am popular. deep down inside [ indiscernible ]. >> does that refresher recollection at all?>> i'm sorry, it doesn't. second clip?
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they are trying to prove that he knew about the sex tape, that he was being recorded at the time. he says he had no idea he was being ordered. hulk hogan is suing a website for $100 million.'s attorney said gawker posted that sex tape and the now ex-wife of bubble a love sponge clem. they also say the site did so in a malicious intent, trying to get power and profit. gawker attorney tell -- attorneys tell the public deserves need to know the truth about hulk hogan, who portrayed himself as the ultimate hero.>> it was kind of like a group of. heather started walking balking -- into the bedroom, pulling my hand. i went with her.>> he said he was on a media tour when he found out about gawker
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jurors must decide if it violated his right to privacy. we want to warn you, some the conversation on our website is not for little ones. right now, another high-profile trial centered around video. it's in the hands of a jury. deliberations started today. a woman is suing the marriott and her stalker for $75 million. her stalker, michael barrett, has already been convicted of the crime. andrew says the hotel should have told her he specifically asked to be in the room next to her. that video we're talking about is still online. one of the main reasons andrews got so emotional, she can't get rid of it. we are trying to figure out how could a video like that continued to stay online? many of you're wondering the same question.
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videos down uploaded without consent and uploaded a new policy last year allowing any victim to request their videos or pictures be removed. it's not a perfect system. once you have removed it from every site, anyone who has already seen it and downloaded it can re-upload it at any time. within the last hour, we are hearing patty the dog is in trouble again for biting. this time it was another dog. the four-year-old lab mix was the subject of a social media campaign to save him after he was going to be put down for biting a boys ear. but he wasn't because the judge decided patty had been provoked. we are told patty bit a service dog. right now is under investigation. we have a crew headed to sarasota to figure out what's going on. look for that story coming up on action news at five. also right now, a man
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doctor and practicing medicine in polk county. apparently he tried diagnosing undercover deputies. ryan race joins us to show us -- ryan raiche shows us more.>> reporter: a state investigator happened to be listen to it -- listening to a low show -- local spanish-speaking station. the investigator thought it sounded fishy. he made an appointment and came here to the clinic. it says dr. cordova all over the place. the number right there is on the door. that's where you call to make an appointment. this is a dr. of natural medicine. back here, as you look to the windows, you can see all these boxes. this is herbal medicine. they are stacked everywhere. their containers all of the place.
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pilkington nurse -- pill containers. you can sell these all over the place, but to provide the mistreatment is illegal. >> he is diagnosing an ailment and he doesn't have the authority to do that.>> -- >> reporter: not much happening at the clinic today. nothing going on here since he was arrested. i tried -- i tried calling these numbers and talk to the doctor's daughter. she had no insight. people around here told me they think patients new he wasn't a signed. i will tell you more about that at 5:00. right now a live look at the franklin county bridge. traffic moving fine. an hour ago, 16 call -- 16 car pileup. side. it was really a parking lot. you can see cars for miles.
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screen, you can see what we were dealing with it's all clear in time for rush-hour. one person was seriously injured , three people had minor injuries. everyone is expected to be okay. it was not because of rain. we have not had rain in a while. it doesn't look like we will have it in a while. the bridges a mess. we are stuck in a nice weather pattern. that's a good thing. but he how to the west, you can see blue skies, lots of people on the beach. temperatures on the rise. we are getting a pull in from moisture, warmth, and temperatures right now until upper 70s. 79 in tampa. plant city, 80 in sarasota. a little bit cooler in the keys at 69. taking look at the forecast, 77 degrees at about 5:00.
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later on tonight and tomorrow, a little cool off to start your day. warming right back up again. more details with the next weather forecasts are 15 minutes away. right now in florida, the new death penalty law is on the books. hours ago, gov. rick scott signed that bill, replacing the old law the supreme court said was unconstitutional because judges had the final say. at least 10 people on the jury have to agree for a person to get that death sentence. a big ruling from the supreme adoptions. stemming from the date -- debate involving an alabama woman who sued when she and her partner were not allowed to
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the case was considered another legal test as to whether same- sex couples should be granted adoption rights. still ahead on the now tampa bay, why you may not be able to find some of the most popular kid foods on store shelves today. before wheeler on the highway and didn't see a driver inside we rigs. our partners at using are taking a look. >> driverless trucks are going to be tested in britain this year. in october, daimler tested a self driving truck on a self driving road. the president of the automobile
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britain has more roadways than anyone in the world. america faces a similar situation. 70% of goods shipped in the us are ship by truck. road congestion and position -- pollution are the result. daimlerchrysler are working on making driverless trucks and reality in the us. you can watch newsy on your tv
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right now, flags at half staff at the white house in reagan. she passed yesterday at the age of 94. we know her funeral plans. mrs. reagan will lay in repose reagan national library before being buried friday next to her husband. he says this is just the beginning of something he hasn't discovered yet. words that look forward as one
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announces his retirement today. payton manning made it official in an emotional news conference hours ago. the quarterback known as the sheriff, who led the broncos and the colts to super bowl victories is stepping down after what he calls a perfect number, 18 years in the nfl. after setting and shattering record after record.>> i love the game. you don't have to wonder if i will miss it. absolutely. absolutely i will.>> manning is retiring at age 39. he turns 40 this month. there's a five-year waiting period before he can be inducted into the hall of fame. no doubt he will be wearing that golden jacket soon. an hour ago, former head coach lovie smith became the head coach of a different team, university of illinois. he is getting $21 million for a six-year deal.
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the internet before the official announcement as the l line i athletic director tweeted that picture before the announcement was made. here is one of smith's talking to the team. he has never coached in the ncaa but he is no stranger to illinois. the bob -- beloved coach of the bears for years. if you're headed to the store to look for up popular gogo applesauce that comes in pouches, this is what you're going to see. a completely empty shelf. it is all being recalled. applesauce and also a brand of chicken nuggets being recalled. two little kids food staples. -- to little kids, food staples. >> reporter: if you have little kids, you probably feel sullivans struggle trying to figure out what to feed them that they like but it's good for them. >> it's kind of hard with kids
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them rice and beans and other types, but usually they don't want to eat it all.>> her go to, chicken nuggets. be. and cheese. >> she is -- >> reporter: she is shocked to hear that chicken nuggets by perdue farms is recalled have gotten inside. the 8 ounce packages with 18 nuggets were sent to distribution centers in florida. elijah's other go to snack, the gogo squeeze apples not, also recalled because they found food product residue in pumps at a factory.>> have you bought them? >> i have.>> reporter: we could not find the applesauce is on shelves. some of their other products are still safe and selling. stephanie curious about what's really inside help us -- helped
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>> it looks like yogurt inside a plastic.>> now that i'm thinking about it, i will be worried about the chemicals inside of the plastic.>> reporter: after a long day at the park, it's time for elijah to go home for lunch. if you want to know if what you are feeding your child is on a recall list like those chicken nuggets, you can download an app on your cell phone. i am nicole greg for the now. logan is in for shade today. it was gorgeous this weekend, bill, no complaints.>> it was a weatherman. all i had to talk about was skies. i guess i get to talk about warming conditions and partly cloudy skies. we take a look at the apollo beach camera. what a beautiful singh. sunset ought to be spectacular tonight. it has been a spectacular day. look at the temperatures. 80 in sarasota, 79 in
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winter haven right now at 77. tampa is at 79. 81 is at 79. 81 down hwy. 60. 78 in clearwater. down there at the tip of the island, the tip of the peninsula, south tampa, it is 80. we have had winds coming in out of the east. able turned southeast. tomorrow's official high at the airport is going to be up to 80. through the evening tonight, temperatures down and in the 60s. first thing, temperatures right in about's 58. -- right in about 58. good day for boating, too. winds out of the east at 15. if you will be outside, don't forget the uv protection. the uv index is in the very high category. you will burn without that stuff. back over you. still ahead, a case of what would you do?
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you have seconds to make a decision. >> at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if they were running down the road. i would've done the same thing.>> the call a couple of firefighters made get them
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it is a fast-growing social media movement right now supporting two volunteer firefighters who throughout the book on policies and did what they had to do to try to save a child's life. this is the facebook page. it already has 7300 people who have liked it. it's for capt. james kelly and virgil blew.
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stafford is the county they are in in fredericksburg. saturday, they got a call that an 18 month old girl was not breathing. they show up, the child was blue and it was going to be another 15 minutes before the medic could get there. so capt. kelly made the call.>> the child was completely limp and flaccid. i turned around i looked at my driver without any hesitation i said turnaround, we're going to the hospital.>> they drove the toddler to the hospital in the fire truck. and 13 minutes, she was at the hospital and alive. capt. kelly and the sgt. are suspended because that truck isn't supposed to be used for transporting. the fire department is not talking for now, but so far everyone else says they did the
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punished. three, two, one, zero. liftoff. >> we waited all week for that last week. it was exciting to watch. it launched friday after being canceled multiple times. you could be at the next launch in person. nasa is giving 50 social media users credentials for the march 22 launch. you could be on the front line of all the action. you only have about 30 minutes to apply. the deadline is at 5:00. there is a link on my facebook page right now. by the way, on friday, they did not successfully land that rocket booster which they are trying to do in hopes of reusing them to save the program so money. a lot of us use macs because computer viruses have always targeted windows platforms. that's apparently no longer the case. for the first time, someone launched a ran somewhere attack
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it basically hijacks your computer, holding data hostage until you agree to pay a bit coin or about $400 to get your data back. apple quickly blocked the ran somewhere after it first started showing up. in the tech world, the man who arguably change the way we communicate has died. ray tomlinson, the inventor of email messages, died at age 74. interesting point. tomlinson invented email back in 1971 while he was working for a technology firm in boston. a lot of people did not have access to computers. so his invention did not really take off until the late '80s for early 90s. -- '90s. he is also credited with this. the at symbol. he was inducted into the internet hall of fame. catching you up on the race for the white house.
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rubio getting ready to start. we will tell you who will be there to introduce him. you can run for the border, but you cannot escape donald trump.
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marco rubio is in tampa, i rally getting ready to start at the convention center. here's a look at the convention center. you would think there would be more people there. it might speak to the fact that he is definitely not leading in the polls in florida. one person who is here, sarina fazan is outside. what can you tell us? >> reporter: it is surprising
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people here. it is a gorgeous day, so typically you expect a larger crowd. i can tell you in the past marco rubio has gotten crowds of at least 1000 people. that. one person that is meeting with him right now is our very own marisela burgos. many say marco rubio is really on life support right now, not even a contender in his own state of lord a. i did have a chance to talk to a couple of participants that are attending the rally, one a very strong supporter.>> marco rubio will be president sunday. this year if he is not the lead candidate, i would like to see him be vice presidential candidate and be on the ticket with whoever is. he will be president someday, i have no doubt.>> reporter: another person that will be
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pascoe county sheriff. he works for rubio and is a very strong supporter. we also had a chance to talk to him on why he feels it's so important introduce the candidate.>> i have seen him getting around, joking. tonight, being there is an honor because i got to spend four great years with him. it is a great opportunity to see a friend. >> reporter: marco rubio will not be here long. he starts speaking at 5 pm and will be here for 45 minutes. then he has to sanford, florida. should be interesting. i am sure all of us are anxious to hear what he has to say to marisela burgos. reporting live, i'm sarina fazan. ted cruz rallying up support at a seafood shop in mississippi.
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petition claiming cruz is not eligible to run for president because he was born in canada. it was all over a technicality. petitioners did not submit timely objections. this is one of several lawsuits questioning whether cruz can run for president. a tragic story from the cruz campaign trail. a pastor who led prayer at a campaign rally is recovering after being shot six times. he was shot sunday after church in the church parking lot. he was hit in the chest and the head. surprisingly, he is expected to make it. officials don't know what sparked the shooting but say the gun man is still out there. is a 30-year-old former marine and was actually in church during the service. remington counseled drug addicts and inmates and had
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praying for his recovery. right now, donald trump has 384 delegates, ted cruz has 300, and marco rubio has 151. is in third place. kasich a distant fourth at 37. did -- hillary clinton has a little more than 100 delegates including ernie sanders. with primers tomorrow for both parties, 166 more delegates are at stake for the democrats. republicans also have primaries in idaho tomorrow. they will be fighting for 150 delegates. trump has had a busy day in north carolina early today. it has started a huge conversation in canada. andy choi is crossing the border to find out why.>> reporter: americans joke about moving to canada for all kinds
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it seems every four years...the sentiment reaches a fevered pitch. this year it seems our friends to the north are watching one man's political rise very closely.>> we feel like we will have a lot of americans immigrating to canada.>> trump has it's our. so you are not escaping much.>> reporter: outside trumps tower, we found our canadian broadcast working the same story. matas surprise after google saw a 1000% spike in the search phrase move to canada after super tuesday. immigration attorney joel sand a lot says the calls for trump are coming in. donald will not be the first for the last to prompt these
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the us because george bush was the president. also barack obama. a very small number of people actually:. >> it's comical. you laugh a little bit. >> reporter: canadians are warm group of people.>> come on over. >> reporter: this crazy american ride to the white house is our crazy american ride. that ride is not over just yet.
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andy choi for the now. still ahead, the save seen around the world in our own backyard. we will give you the play-by-
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get off your cell phone and enjoy the game. check this out. catlike reflexes -- catlike reflexes. this kid is about to get smacked in the face. this was in brayden schenn sunday, at the braves pirates game. all these people move out of the way. this is the only guy who saves the day. i want to point out, everyone is fine. from one say to another, a utah sheriff's office rescuing this pup before it was too late. the ice was melting on this utah reservoir and sadie was struggling to stay on the ice that hadn't broken off yet. luckily, they pulled her out by her collar and got her on that airboat. she is doing fine right now. do you remember the mosquito trapped in the amber from jurassic park?
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dinosaurs back.>> this fossilized -- fossilized tree sap, amber, waited for millions of years with the mosquito inside.>> scientists have discovered lizards fossilized from more than 99 million years ago. these are pictures of their finds, finding 12 at all. they were in the jungles of southeast asia. surprisingly, several are similar to modern day lizards such as geckos and chameleons. others are unlike anything we have ever seen. researchers are not planning to bring back a prehistoric lizard but they are looking to the specimens to understand how lizards of all. another idea from science-fiction on the verge of becoming science back. the pentagon is developing what could be the first cyborg. it is creating an implant -- an implant that will allow people
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the agency behind the research says it is not for military applications. with disabilities. still ahead, and ugly ending to the search for the person accused of stealing a car all caught on camera. why deputies decided to release the video. plus and has this. lena dunham taking time off for health problems.
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the house doesn't look damage. look closely at the grass by the truck. completely pulled up by the roots of that fallen tree. check out this picture from vegas. a huge street crashing down on someone's car. it just missed the house in front of it. winds around 50 miles an hour at the time. and sacramento, driver not listening to the flood signs driving right into the water, something we see all too mac often in tampa bay. as you see, they didn't make it to the other side. the driver climbed out, had to go through the window, climbed on top of the car until the rescuers could get there. that person is find -- fine. what do we always tell people?>> turnaround, don't drive. >> i have no idea why people continue to drive through that water.>> unless people figure they can't get through another way. there is no excuse. err it is gorgeous. >> it is nice here. out west, it is a mess.
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tracking and across the middle of the country. allow -- around here, rivergate tower cam showing things to be nice and clear. nothing to worry about, we have high-pressure sitting over us which will remain -- make it remain a nice day. this weather system moving to the 80s. this could bring us some rain by the weekend. that's still a good distance away. high-pressure bring us winds out of the east. that will increase our temperatures, increase the moisture content, which will increase clouds. warming temperatures through the day today, and they will stay that way through this evening as well. future cast shows no rain showing up. the east coast. taking a look at florida's most accurate evening planner. temperatures right about 6:00, tampa. we will go down through the 70s, be about 66 degrees and a warmer start tomorrow morning than today. a warmer finish as well.
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and 6:00 new out -- news hours. back over to you. right now, we want to take a live look carolina. you see former president bill clinton in charlotte trying to rally up support for his wife, hillary. we are finding out hillary will be here in tampa bay thursday at the ritz. she is hoping to encourage voters to take advantage of march. she is hoping to encourage voters to take advantage of early voting ahead of the march 15 primary. tomorrow marks two years since malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared seemingly without a trace. a piece of possible wreckage washed up today in africa and was given to authorities who continue to investigate. only one piece of debris so far has been linked to the flight. families of the 239 people who died are gathering to remember and asked researchers not to give up trying to find
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important so at least people remember that the flight has not come home yet. we want them to keep on remembering so it helps us remind the government it is not over. >> tomorrow is the deadline for lawsuits to be filed in connection to the flights disappearance. north korea threatening to make a preemptive and offensive nuclear strike against the united states and south korea. here's why. military exercises like these. seven time -- 17,000 soldiers of group -- joined south korean and air. the training is a practice korea. today's threat comes a week after the un approved new sanctions against north korea
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in the meantime, north korea still claiming it tested a nuclear missile last month. already this year, 135,000 refugees have made their way into europe, desperate for safety. the crisis doesn't look like it will end any time soon. those refugees are now waiting to try to get to the border of greece today european union leaders are holding an emergency summit to once again try to get hold of the issue. an estimated 500 refugees have died trying to escape syria in the past two months. justin, a new information surgery, the cleveland clinic releasing details on the transplant. right now the 26-year-old woman recovering from the surgery according to doctors. it took a team of surgeons nine hours just to complete the uterus transplant. dr. say this surgery brings
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want to experience pregnancy. new statistics show one and 45,000 girls are born without one. doctors at the clinic worked with international researchers understand the procedure and then plan for ethical issues to minimize the risk. the organ came from a deceased donor.>> we feel that with time we need more research. dr. screened and evaluated more than 250 women for the study. lena dunham is taking a breather to take care for sale -- take care of herself. she will undergo endometriosis surgery. the reproductive condition is more common than you might think>> reporter: lena dunham is putting the press tour for
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the star first took to facebook in february to let fans know endometriosis. the chronic condition occurs when uterus cells grow outside it.>> those cells can leak out and into the pelvic cavity.>> reporter: dr. mandy beeman performs surgeries and says pain is the main symptom alerting women something is wrong.>> every month, the cells become inflamed and can cause pain. the most common complaint is painful periods. otherwise, it can cause infertility, pain with intercourse or just daily chronic pelvic pain.>> reporter: one in 10 women are estimated to suffer from endometriosis -- endometriosis, in some cases, surgery is required. >> we don't actually know how many women are walking around with endometriosis. we really only know if they
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do surgery and see it. >> reporter: not all women are as vocal as dunham and not all have the same platform.>> i think it says to other women it's okay to admit to a problem and it's okay to take care of yourself.>> reporter: i am anne mcnamara for the now. dunham's rep says she had an ovarian cyst rupture this weekend and will have surgery undisclosed location. whether we want to admit it or not, most of us are just -- guilty of distracted driving. the phone, the radio, or trying to drink coffee. as ashley glass reveals, there is something else happening behind the wheel that is just as dangerous.>> i forgot my crystal bracelet.>> reporter: we have seen it in countless of -- youtube clips is reality, too. distracted driving is
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a new study by the virginia tech transportation institute shows us how often it happens. this really caught our attention. people are distracted in some way more than half the time they are driving. another startling finding, researchers looked at 3500 drivers for three years in six cities. drivers young and old had cameras in their car at all times and found that driving while angry can be just as bad. it can increase your emotional risk 10 times if you are worked up behind the wheel. 1600 crashes during the study.>> if your emotional, that's what you're thinking about.>> reporter: premolar -- ramona nolan was distracted while driving. she's not surprised people are less likely to crash with kids
4:58 pm
safety of this child in our care. we need to do our best. i have seen -- >> i've seen people operating a vehicle with dog sticking their 70 pound body out the window. sometimes people are hysterical to the point of hyperventilating. is just a traffic stop. calm down. you need to be focused and paying attention. need to be in the emotional state where you can drive safely and not endanger other people. . >> reporter: deputy john roche says the more peoplare aware of the study like this, the better we all are. i am ashley glass. i am laura harris. thank you for joining us on the now. abc action news starts right
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hulk hogan takes the stand. the wrestling legend insists he's a victim in his sex tape scandal. marco rubio hoping for a home state help. the senator taking the stage now in tampa as his campaign struggles. thanks for joining us. the wrestling super star speaking in court about an emotional break down. he's suing the website for sharing the video with the world. >> carson chamber joins us with
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>> reporter: right, profit and power are the two reasons hogan's attorneys gawker posted this video in the first place. he got on the stand and talked about it in detail. >> it was a low point in my life. when bubba says hey man, come to the house, let's talk i was just so desperate. >> reporter: hulk hogan on the stand talking sex tape and public humiliation. >> he handed me a condemn and it was so crazy. my gut was saying this is off. from the feeling i had i thought you're not filming this are you. >> reporter: he had no idea a camera was rolling while he had


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